Monday, March 15, 2010

More fun with Hipstamatic

Now Hipstamatic 150 is out I've been able to shoot (if more slowly and with more crashes) at 1200 pixels, so I've been testing an idea shooting a pot of daffodils using one Elinchrom head, just the modelling lamp and with a honeycomb spot. The aim was to make a large enough image to print.


Close-up focus with my older iPhone 3G is still a problem when trying to take these still life images.


I have printed the photo above at A5 for a birthday card and it works well. I will run some tests at A3+, perhaps on the images below. I'd like to test some other potted cyclamen sitting on the windowsill but they do not have the height of the daffodils


daffodils #2 (work in progress)


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