Sunday, February 21, 2010

On Becoming Hip

I've never really taken many pictures with my iPhone probably because I felt the quality of the lens, the CCD etc. wasn't up to much. It was certainly useful to always have a camera with me, but the camera app that came with the iPhone, and the time taken to get to the point of pressing the 'shutter' button, meant I didn't think about using my iPhone. Then I was recommended the Hipstamatic app and I've been taking photos everywhere with it and my iPhone.

Highgate Cemetry (West)

Highgate Cemetery - gothic imagery is what Hipstamatic was made for!

Hipstamatic is fun and funky with choices of lenses and films with crazy names to use, plus the small 'viewfinder' make the outcomes unpredictable and exciting.

Bournville (From on the No. 11C)

Bournville Green taken from the number 11 bus

It has it's flaws though. It's slow to start-up and it is seconds per frame rather than fps shooting. But these are minor points considering the creative fun that can be had. The basic set of "lenses" and "films" are great but add on the Hipstapaks and the range of choices are multiplied and so is the creative fun.

Camera shy?

No, I don't want my photo taken!

I just wish I had a iPhone G3s (or what ever the next iPhone will be) as the image size on my iPhone 3G is quite small. I'm certainly looking forward to the upgrade of Hipstamatic to version 150 (none of this 10.6.2 rubbish).



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