Saturday, February 18, 2006

iPhoto'06 Effects Pallet

I've been trying out iPhoto '06 (part of the iLife suite for Mac OS X 10.4 only) and testing the new matrix of effects available. Certainly the range of what can be done is nothing like Photoshop and the plethora of plug-ins available, however it is possible to combine the effects to vary the final image from the default look. View from the rock garden near Lluc iPhoto '06 effects are in a floating semi-translucent panel of 9 thumbnails of the main image. In the centre of the panel is the original image with: B & W, Sepia, Antique as colour effects; matte, vignette, edge blur for edge effect; and fade colour and boost colour. View from the rock garden near Lluc Selecting, for example Sepia, it is possible to alter the effect with the fade and boost buttons (these do affect the contrast as well) by clicking a few times in either direction. There does seem to be a limit of clicks available, in total, and when the image appears to stop altering then it is best to return to the original image and try again. Olive Tree in the Rock Garden near Lluc It appears that it is not possible to mix the colour effects, however the Adjust panel can be used in conjunction with the effects to subtly adjust the toned effect required. I've yet to test printing an image with an applied effect, but as iPhoto does not appear to throw away colour information, as can happen if the wrong options are chosen in Photoshop when creating a B & W image, the outcome should be good. I now have Apple's iPhoto '06 & Aperture and Adobe's LightRoom on my PowerBook so I will be doing some comparisons soon, from a photographer's point of view rather than a computer geek, although some would class me as the latter.

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