Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If I was a Conspiracy Theorist

I'd be suspicious about the timing of the press release from Carl Zeiss AG regarding their introduction of a range of manual focus lenses for Nikon's F-mount, but as Nikon will continue to manufacture (probably in miniscule quantities) manual lenses of the same focal lengths as those announced today by Zeiss it's hardly something to open an X-File about.

Still it is interesting that Zeiss claims that the new lenses will work with both digital and film based SLRs. From the product shots it is clear that the lenses are backwardly compatible to the non-AI Nikkormats, but it is not clear if there are the electronic communications that will allow these lenses to function on bodies such as the D70, D70s and D50 which have no mechanical coupling to the lens' aperture ring (also non-AI?). Although Zeiss has only announced two lenses (50mm f/1.4 & 85mm f/1.4) so far, it is possible to make out from the product shots that they will be introducing a Makro-Planar (f/2.0) and a wide-angle Distagon (f/2.0).

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