Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Upgrading the Mighty (Big) Mouse

Having only recently upgraded my Macs to OS X Snow Leopard (I was waiting for some key apps to get their act together) I've experienced some problems with my Bluetooth Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse, so I thought I'd better install (or re-install) the keyboard firmware and mouse software. I was somewhat surprised to find the Mighty Mouse software weigh in at a hefty 67MB download and on installation it would take over 101MB of hard disk space to install!

The Might Mouse drivers are mighty fat. Does it honestly take that much software to deal with gestures and if so that'll take a lot of CPU time? Probably not, so what else is being installed or updated? This all makes me remember, all misty-eyed, the days of OSes on floppy disks and makes me wish for some super super fast broadband. I hope the iPad doesn't need quite such big upgrades especially across 3G.

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